Due Diligence

Develop a distinct understanding of your business posture and engage confidently in your relationship network. Effectively assess growth capabilities and evaluate potential risks through tailored and comprehensive research and analysis.

Operational Due Diligence

Confirm the legitimacy of a target company and ascertain its operational integrity. Identify conflicts of interest, product liability, and intellectual property to measure functional synergies and prevent scandal, failure, or fraud.

Financial Due Diligence

Determine the operational features and financial sustainability of a prospective organization. Analyze historical trends across working capital, operating expenses, and earnings records. Evaluate industry conditions, growth cycles, vendor relationships, and cost structure. Address areas of concern, forecast assumptions, management interpretations, and specific risks.

Reference and Verification Checks

Examine references for validity and substantiate declarations for accuracy. Information is corroborated from multiple sources providing reliable interpretation of a company’s representations. Authentication processes include denied party screening, compliance audits, and asset verification.

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