Intelligence gathering and comprehensive truth-seeking expose the unknown realities of critical and complex issues. Confront internal and external threats within their evolving environments to mitigate risk and control vulnerabilities.


Professional examination of background information and references to substantiate declarations and assure a quality vetting process. Diminish risk and prevent negative exposure from unethical behavior, fraudulent practices, and illegal activity.

Open Source / Undercover

An abundance of private information resides in the public forum readily accessible to expose the actualities of individuals and entities.  Researching these sources and exploring the records brings transparency to any case. During critical situations involving highly sensitive material, covert undertakings permit deeper information collection without disclosure.

Litigation Support

A customized litigation support program aligns with the case strategy to ensure information flow remains confidential and compartmentalized between the designated team and legal point of contact. Evidence is collected, examined, and preserved for integrity and prepared compliantly for submission into legal proceedings.

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