Ensure operational longevity with supportive plans and programs aimed at ushering business functions and assets through critical incidents. Encounter crises in a confident manner and abate further disruption by adhering to structured emergency response procedures.

Emergency Planning

A comprehensive action plan is vital to facilitating an effective response and mitigating further threats and hazards. Develop or revise standard operating procedures tailored for each individual division of an organization to increase readiness and recovery rates.

Response Training

Build knowledge, expand awareness, and develop expertise through crisis scenarios and threat simulations. Conduct specific training exercises to assess current protocols, evaluate security systems, and implement best practices. Reform the overall response strategy with a holistic approach and shift from reactive practices to responsive methods.

Strategic Programs

Foster a greater level of situational awareness and operational congruency throughout an organization by adopting programs specifically designed to address catastrophic scenarios such as grid down, terrorism, active shooters, and abductions. Refine security measures and operational techniques to address critical emergencies and disaster situations.

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