Safeguard assets, resources, and personnel through a comprehensive array of physical security services. Armed officer units are comprised of former military, law enforcement, and career security personnel who demonstrate tactical expertise and operational discipline during protective service details.

Physical Protection

Physical security threats manifest internally and externally through man-made and natural occurrences. A complete protective posture combines a physical officer presence in conjunction with access control systems, intrusion detection, and video surveillance.

Asset Protection

Assets are static when contained within localized infrastructure and mobile when transiting logistical distribution chains. Preservation through preventative measures and active oversight are fundamental to eliminating opportunities for diversion and surreptitious interference.

Executive Protection

Threats and hostilities can originate from inside the workplace or evolve from unknown sources in the external environment. Security escort services are strategically designed to accommodate the lifestyle of the principal and accompanying parties. Whether operating overtly or covertly, protection teams function in accordance with established parameters and tactics to shield corporate leaders and dignitaries alike.

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